May 12, 2006


Ga-Young Kim is Champion of the World!

Nine Ball crowned a new heroine tonight in Taipei, Taiwan. Ga-Young Kim finished a tough day and even tougher week with three consecutive victories, finally besting another former champion, Shin-Mei Liu, to take the highest honor in the game.

She had to get past Jeannie Seaver in the quarter-finals, then Akimi Kajitani before stepping up for the final time against Liu. It was a long day of battle and it began with the quarter-finals rounds.

She was on her way to the hill when the six ball hung in the corner and refused to fall. But Liu ran past her shape on the eight ball and it, too, wound up hanging in a corner pocket. However, the cue ball was behind the nine. Kim played a slight masse to make the eight but was tough on the nine with no easy pocket available. She played a perfect pocket-speed shot to the side to be within one game of the championship at 10-8.

The next rack would not be a gift. He rack came apart well but the one was hidden and Kim had to push. Shin-Mei Liu played a safety that would be a tough escape. She managed the hit but left Liu an opening. Liu sank the one and moved the cue into position in an alley between the three and nine. She dropped the two in the corner, the three in the side, and the five in another corner. The rest of the rack was a roadmap. She was following that map home when she again over-amped her shape and fell tough on the nine ball. She would have to bank it in the side or thin cut it in the corner. She went for the thin cut and the nine ball went to the jaws and bounced there, coming to rest as a pigeon for Kim to shoot to claim the title.

1) Ga-Young Kim
2) Shin-Mei Liu
3) Jasmin Ouschan, Akimi Kajitani
4) Jeannie Seaver, Yukiko Hamanishi, Hsiang-Ling Tan, Line Kjorsvik
9) Makiko Tagaki, Jennifer Barretta, Akio Otani, Chihiro Kawahara, Shu-Han Chang, Helena Thornfeldt, Charlotte Sorenson.
16) Meng-Meng Zhou, Kelly Fisher, Tiffany Nelson, Wendy Jans, Shu-Pin Kao, Keiko Yukawara, Melissa Herndon, Rubilen Amit

By Tournament Staff - March 05, 2006