Rules for Wheelchair Competition

There are Three (3) Classes for those competing in wheelchairs.
1. Those players with hand or arm disabilities who cannot make or sustain a functional bridge while playing a shot.
2. Those players who can make and sustain a functional bridge but who have
no stability and balance due to a lack of functional trunk muscles. These players support themselves at the table with their bridge hand.
3. All other players with a good to normal balance meeting the criteria for minimal disability.

A minimal disability is a significant disability that prevents a player from playing standing up.

1. Players must remain seated on the cushion or seat of the wheelchair when playing a shot.
2. Feet must be kept clear of the floor; should the feet or footplates touch the floor it will be deemed a foul.
3. Players in Class 1 may request the referee for assistance with rest and equipment, etc.
4. Below the knee strapping is allowed to keep the feet on the footplates. However, strapping above the waist is not allowed except for medical reasons when it will be taken into account for classification purposes.